This Chamoyada de Mango recipe, or mangonada, is a delicious mango sorbet made with juicy mangoes, chamoy, and tajin seasoning

Start by pouring some spicy chamoy sauce into a shallow dish or plate. In a separate dish, pour some Tajín chili powder.

Dip the rim of your glass into the hot sauce, coating it evenly, then dip the coated rim of your glass into the chile-lime salt powder, twisting the glass slightly to ensure an even coating. Set aside. Now, it's time to make the mangonada mixture.

In a food processor, combine the frozen mango, orange juice, and cane sugar (if needed) until you have a frozen mixture that resembles the consistency of a smoothie.

Pour the frozen mango mixture halfway into your prepared glass, then add chamoy sauce and Tajín. Fill the rest of your glass with more mango mixture.

Top off your delicious mangonada with some fresh mango cubes or pieces, a drizzle of chamoy, and a sprinkle of chile-lime seasoning. Make sure to serve it cold and enjoy!