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Welcome to my blog!

As the name suggests, Sweet Fix Baker is a baking blog full of sweet recipes, including indulgent and healthier ones!

Sweet Fix Baker was born when I was living back in Germany; I started experimenting a new culture and very different flavors than those I was used to my whole life. At this time, my love for baking and photography started.

I began to chronicle my bakes and recipes, learning food photography and recipe developing along the way. When my girls were born and we had to move to Spain, I had to pause everything I was doing and focus my energy on my family.

3 years and many new flavors and new dishes later, the pandemic hit in 2019 when we were living in the US, and Sweet Fix Baker was reborn.

This is now my full-time job! I specialize in recipe development and photography of any bakes and desserts; I love working with brands, helping them with product awareness through desserts and photography.

Since then, I’ve done multiple food photography courses, artificial light, and a certification in Digital Marketing and Social Media, to further expand my knowledge and provide a better service to my clients and readers. I’ve worked with national and International brands, developing recipes, dessert photography, and videography for them.

I hope you find as much inspiration as I have found in photography and baking, and have fun in the process of doing it!

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