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10 Oct

Chocolate Sour Cream Pound Cake Recipe

This Chocolate Sour Cream Pound Cake recipe makes a super moist pound cake, with a chocolate ganache with a deep chocolate flavor to top. It has a rich chocolate flavor, and it’s the perfect dessert for all those chocolate lovers out there! How do you make pound cake moist? There are quite a few variables […]

12 Sep

Unicorn Bars Recipe

These super fun unicorn bars recipe makes soft, cake-like bars, filled with lots of sprinkles and topped with fluffy buttercream icing and some more rainbow sprinkles for garnish. It’s a super fun dessert, ideal for birthday parties, a baby shower (dye the frosting with pink food coloring instead if it’s a girl!) or just for […]

27 May

Chocolate Olive Oil Cake

Super soft chocolate olive oil cake with a creamy chocolate frosting and chocolate curls to decorate Can you use olive oil to make chocolate cake? Yes you can! and the results are amazing! The fat used in this cake was from olive oil, and the combination with chocolate does wonders to your taste buds! The […]

15 May

Nut Free Chocolate Spread

This super creamy, highly-addictive, Nut Free Chocolate spread is a healthier chocolate spread version, with an intense chocolate flavor; it has only 5 ingredients and made in under 15 minutes! The addition of 70% Chocolate gives it a darker, more intense chocolate flavor, and it’s perfect for anyone with any nut allergies. I can tell […]

15 Apr

Chocolate Banana Marbled Bread (GF, DF, Refined Sugar Free)

This Chocolate Banana Marbled Bread is gluten free, dairy free and refined sugar free; it’s super moist and soft, with an intense chocolate flavor thanks to a secret ingredient! This super easy Chocolate Banana Bread is a healthier version to the common banana bread. It’s made with naturally gluten free flours, it is naturally sweetened […]

17 Mar

Easy Pastry Jam Wreath

In need of a quick and delicious dessert? This super easy Pastry jam wreath is made with only two ingredients! it’s so simple, yet looks so beautiful and tastes like a delicious freshly baked good. This is definitely a dessert for every baking skill and level, yet looks like a store bought, fancy dessert. Serve […]

7 Dec

Black Chocolate Cake

If you’re a fan of Oreo Cookies, this Black Chocolate cake is just for you! It tastes just like an Oreo cookie, with super moist layers and a creamy chocolate frosting, and the secret? black cocoa powder What is black Cocoa powder? Black Cocoa powder is a pure cocoa powder that’s been processed to achieve […]

14 Oct

Perfect Vanilla Cake

This Perfect Vanilla cake might become your go-to Vanilla Cake Recipe; it has moist and soft vanilla cake layers, with a creamy and very easy Vanilla Buttercream recipe. It is infused with a bit of almond extract, for that extra Je ne sais quoi that’ll have everyone going for seconds! Ingredients for the Perfect Vanilla […]

14 Sep

Pumpkin Maple bread with Maple Cream Cheese frosting

This Pumpkin maple bread with Maple cream cheese frosting is soft and moist, with all the perfect fall spices; to top it, a sweet and tangy Maple Cream Cheese frosting. The bread is made without the need of an electric mixer, it’s quick and very simple! The addition of the pumpkin puree and the maple […]

24 Feb

Basic Vanilla Buttercream

This super easy and Basic Vanilla Buttercream is sweet and a bit salty, creamy and perfect for piping. Ingredients you’ll need To make this frosting, you’ll only need five basic ingredients: How to make Vanilla Buttercream Frosting? Making this frosting is super easy, and can be made in just 15 minutes. Make sure you have […]

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