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Hi there! I specialize in recipe development and photography of any bakes and desserts, including indulgent and healthy ones; may it be cookies, cakes, cheesecakes, frozen desserts, brownies or any other treat you can think of!

I love working with products that are a natural fit with my brand, and that my audience will like and benefit from as well! I love creating new recipes and shooting beautiful dessert photography, that I later promote on my blog and social channels. If you’re interested in working with me, send me an email at maria[at] so we can chat further.

No Churn Brownie Mint Ice Cream

Photography, Videos & Styling

If you’re looking for beautiful photos, recipe videos or Stop motions for your product, contact me for more information!

Recipe Development

I love to create new original and delicious recipes, specializing in sweets and desserts; if you need a recipe that showcases your product, send me an email for more details

Chocolate Clusters
mini chai cheesecake drip

This consists of dedicated posts for your product promoted on my blog and social channels; either sponsored giveaways including one or more of your products or recipe development and photography


If you think my audience will benefit and interest in your product, I could set up a sponsored giveaway contest that will be posted on my social channels promoting your brand


Representing any brand long-term as a brand ambassador

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