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12 Jan

Chocolate Chip Oreo Brownies

This Chocolate Chip Oreo Brownies are the best chocolatey and fudgy brownies ever! with chunks of Oreo cookies and chocolate chips. It’s the perfect mix between an Oreo and a brownie They’re made with black cocoa powder, which makes them very similar in flavor and color to Oreos, plus they’re super easy to make! What […]

29 Dec

Easy Cranberry Tart Recipe

This super easy Cranberry Tart recipe is made with a buttery tart crust of only 4 ingredients, a tart cranberry filling and a crumbly top with walnuts. It’s soft and sweet, with a flavorful and delicious filling. It’s the perfect balance between sweet and tart, the combination is simply amazing! What can I do with […]

5 Dec

Simple Cranberry Jam Recipe (3 ingredients)

This super simple Cranberry Jam recipe is made with only 3 ingredients! May it be for a savory cheese board or sweet charcuterie board, on top of vanilla ice cream or just with a slice of bread, this homemade jam is perfectly tart and with the ideal amount of sweetness. Cranberries are not only delicious, […]

28 Nov

Easy Dessert Charcuterie Board (with store bought ingredients)

This easy dessert Charcuterie board is the perfect sweet treat for all of your get-togethers. It’s easy to assemble and there’s no baking involved, you’ll need only store-bought items. It is a great addition to serve along a savory charcuterie board, or even after dinner instead of dessert. Super easy and also works as a […]

21 Nov

Simple Caramel Cream Pie (no bake)

If you’re looking for an easy, quick and delicious dessert, this Simple Caramel Cream Pie is just for you. It’s the perfect dessert for all of the caramel lovers out there! It’s a No bake pie made with a pecan graham cracker crust, a creamy caramel filling, a whipped topping and pecans and chocolate chips […]

20 Nov

Holiday Ice Cream Recipes

Who said Ice cream was only for warm weather?! This is a round up of all of my favorite Holiday Ice Cream Recipes. These were all created for Thanksgiving and Christmas time, all of the Holiday flavors in ice cream form! Why you’ll like these Holiday Ice cream recipes: How to make no Churn ice […]

17 Nov

Pecan Pie in a Jar (with Bourbon)

This Pecan Pie in a Jar is not only easier to make than the original recipe, but it’s quicker, delicious, and best of all, has a perfect kick of bourbon to it! If you’re bored of the traditional Pecan Pie and are looking for something original and simple, this recipe is just for you! It’s […]

31 Oct

Cranberry Ice Cream

This Cranberry Ice cream is tart and sweet, super creamy, easy to make and with a cranberry swirl to die for! It’s a no churn recipe, which means no ice cream maker is needed. What can I do with a bag of Cranberries? This Cranberry Ice Cream is the perfect way to use all of […]

20 Oct

Halloween Trail Mix Recipe

This Halloween Trail Mix Recipe has the perfect combination between salty and sweet. It’s a super easy recipe, perfect for halloween parties or halloween treats, with my all-time favorite halloween candy as the main ingredient. It is the perfect blend of peanut butter mixture: reese’s pieces candy, salty pretzels, peanuts and peanut butter chocolate chips. […]

17 Oct

Cinnamon Brown Sugar pancakes Recipe

This Cinnamon Brown sugar pancakes recipe makes the most fluffy pancakes, with a hint of cinnamon and brown sugar and a cream cheese glaze. It’s an easy recipe to make and way better than any store-bought pancake mix, and it’s a fun twist to plain pancakes! Ingredients you’ll need for this Cinnamon Pancake recipe Very […]

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