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2 Feb

Raspberry Shortbread Cookie Recipe

This Raspberry Shortbread cookie recipe delivers the most buttery shortbread cookies, with a sweet raspberry jam filling. The dough is mixed with freeze-dried raspberries, which add up to the raspberry flavor, and give beautiful red dots and streaks. It’s the perfect sweet treat for Valentine’s day! What is the difference between shortbread cookies and regular […]

26 Jan

No bake Red Velvet Cheesecake

This creamy and luscious Red Velvet Cheesecake is a no bake recipe -which means no oven and no water bath- with a crunchy chocolate cookie crust and whipped cream to top. It’s the perfect Valentine’s day treat or Holiday season dessert! If you are a cheesecake purist and you like regular cheesecakes, you might want […]

19 Jan

Peanut Butter m&m Cookie Recipe

This Peanut Butter m&m Cookie recipe is for every peanut butter lover out there! It makes thick and soft cookies with lots of m&m’s and peanut butter flavor. Why you’ll love this Peanut butter cookie recipe Ingredients you’ll need for these chewy peanut butter m&m cookies For these delicious cookies you’ll need just a few […]

12 Jan

Chocolate Chip Oreo Brownies

This Chocolate Chip Oreo Brownies are the best chocolatey and fudgy brownies ever! with chunks of Oreo cookies and chocolate chips. It’s the perfect mix between an Oreo and a brownie They’re made with black cocoa powder, which makes them very similar in flavor and color to Oreos, plus they’re super easy to make! What […]

5 Jan

Keto Chocolate Cheesecake Recipe

This Keto Chocolate Cheesecake Recipe is sugar free and gluten free. It’s so creamy and luscious that you won’t believe it’s keto diet friendly! It’s made with a coconut flour and chocolate crust, and a rich chocolate cheesecake filling. To top, a mound of fresh strawberries, blackberries and raspberries. How to do a water bath […]

29 Dec

Easy Cranberry Tart Recipe

This super easy Cranberry Tart recipe is made with a buttery tart crust of only 4 ingredients, a tart cranberry filling and a crumbly top with walnuts. It’s soft and sweet, with a flavorful and delicious filling. It’s the perfect balance between sweet and tart, the combination is simply amazing! What can I do with […]

22 Dec

Peppermint Hot Chocolate

This super easy Peppermint Hot Chocolate is perfect for the Holiday season! Picture yourself on Christmas eve below the Christmas tree, sipping a cup of this delicious warm treat. It’s rich and luscious, with a hint of peppermint that gives this amazing drink freshness among all that warmth. It’s the peppermint version of a hot […]

15 Dec

Crescent Roll Christmas Tree dessert

This super easy Crescent Roll Christmas tree dessert uses store bought dough to make the crescent roll bites. They’re filled with homemade cranberry jam and “glued” with Nutella to form the Christmas tree. It’s a super fun and easy dessert, perfect for the Holiday season and it works beautifully as a holiday centerpiece for all […]

5 Dec

Simple Cranberry Jam Recipe (3 ingredients)

This super simple Cranberry Jam recipe is made with only 3 ingredients! May it be for a savory cheese board or sweet charcuterie board, on top of vanilla ice cream or just with a slice of bread, this homemade jam is perfectly tart and with the ideal amount of sweetness. Cranberries are not only delicious, […]

1 Dec

Fluffy Nutella Cinnamon Rolls Recipe

This fluffy Nutella Cinnamon Rolls recipe makes some pillowy and gooey rolls, filled with fudgy Nutella and cinnamon, and topped with a soft cream cheese frosting. Be warned! they’re highly addictive! Ingredients you’ll need to make these Nutella Rolls Here’s a full list of ingredients you’ll need to make this recipe: Take a look at […]

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