Sugar Cookies Christmas Tree

Sugar Cookies Christmas Tree
Sugar Cookies Christmas Tree

For this Christmas tree Sugar Cookies I used the cookie tree cutter kit from @wiltoncakes. Personally, I like this kit for this specific 3D Christmas tree because the stars are a bit rounded, not completely straight as normally any star cookie cutter would be, giving more space for piping.

To make this tree you’ll need:

  1. Cut 2 stars of each size, and 3 stars of the smallest size (21 cookies in total). Bake and let cool completely
  2. Pipe a bit of buttercream in the middle of your cake stand and place one of the 2 largest stars; add some buttercream in the middle of the star and place the second star of the same size on top, alternating points; pipe your buttercream on the tips of the first star, add a dollop of buttercream in the middle of the top star and place the next star
  3. Continue to build upward, adding remaining star cookies in the same manner. You will have one small star left, this will be the top star of your Christmas tree

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